The Selling With SWAGGER!

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Passion * Motivation * Strategy
For small, medium, and large sales teams

S. W. A. G. G. E. R.

Soar by Believing means to have complete conviction in the outcomes you create

We are the Champions means to become BPF’s (Better Partners…Faster!) with clients

Attitude of the Fearless means breaking the mold on how to approach and sell a client

Go Big means arriving with a bigger vision for where your client partnership can go

Go Bold means challenging your clients thinking and then leading them to a new future

Effusive Excitement means spreading a positive and productive attitude everyday

Rock Their World means to continually raise the bar and impact all areas of your life

Ready to Sell With SWAGGER?

Selling with SWAGGER!™, Greg Bennett’s dynamic new motivation and sales training program, is about finding the next gear in sales performance.  Whether your sales team has brand new sellers, experienced pros, or a mixture of both — Selling with SWAGGER™ will introduce you to new concepts and strategies for creating larger, more profitable relationships with clients. And best of all your people will be inspired and have fun!
Salesman selling with SWAGGER

Salesman selling with SWAGGER

You can experience SWAGGER in the following ways:

  •  Through a keynote talk from Greg Bennett
  •  Through a half-day, full-day or two-day training SWAGGER engagement
  •  Through an extended follow-up period for full SWAGGER implementation

The next step is to set up an initial free phone consultation with Greg Bennett’s office to determine which SWAGGER program may be right for your organization.  Please complete this contact form to tell us a little about your situation and to get the process started.

What The Selling With SWAGGER!™  Program Covers:

  • Attitude & Mindset – SWAGGER is presented as a more positive, productive, and passionate state of being
  • Being Better Partners…Faster! – A main focus of SWAGGER is the need for becoming better partners with our clients (vs just vendors), and how to do it faster
  • Incredible Sales Strategy -  Greg Bennett, the creator of the SWAGGER programs, is one of the top sales strategists and closing coaches in the country, and he shares several of his concepts during every Selling With SWAGGER!™ workshop


The Sales Challenges Selling With SWAGGER!™ Will Help You Address:

  • Your people have lost their passion (or just need a booster shot)
  • Your team isn’t achieving sales numbers
  • Complacency has set in
  • You just need to find that higher gear
  • You’re searching for new sales ideas and strategies
  • You just need to have some fun and get re-focused

Selling With SWAGGER


What Exactly Is the SWAGGER Program?

“Selling With SWAGGER™!” is a dynamic seminar and workshop series designed to inspire anyone involved in sales to reach a higher level of performance, passion, and professional selling skills. Having positive swagger is all about boosting confidence, focusing on partnership-selling skills, facing our fears, and pushing ourselves beyond our comfort zones. Swagger is an acronym meaning – Soar by Believing, We are the Champions, the Attitude of the Fearless, Go Big, Go Bold, Effusive Enthusiasm, and Rocking Their World. The SWAGGER workshops aren’t gimmicky, uncomfortable, or high pressure schemes to upsell you into other programs, but straight-ahead, street-smart concepts anyone can use to dramatically improve their outcomes.

Where Do You Do the SWAGGER Programs?

We normally do our programs at our client’s location, or we can host small to mid-size programs at our training center in the DTC.

How Big Does a Group Have To Be To Do a SWAGGER Program?

We do SWAGGER programs for sales teams with as few as 10 people to several hundred. If you have a team with fewer than 10 people, we recommend one of our combined programs, which are held at our training center once a quarter, or the on-line options. Do You Have Public SWAGGER Workshops for Individuals to Attend? Not at the moment, but there are on-line, self-guided, Selling With SWAGGER™ programs coming soon.

Are the SWAGGER Training Programs Designed for Any Specific Industries?

No, we do SWAGGER programs for a wide variety of organizations, including b-to-b and b-to-c sales teams, as well as consultants and professionals.

Is SWAGGER Mainly a Motivational Program?

Motivation and inspiration are certainly important parts of SWAGGER, but there are key strategies and techniques introduced that focus on how to become great partners with our clients vs mere vendors.

What Sales Skills Are Covered in the Program?

Greg Bennett has created several powerful prospecting and selling programs, and he shares several of his top strategies as part of SWAGGER. These include Bennett’s strategies on prospecting, time maximization, sales psychology, advanced questioning/listening, presenting, and closing concepts.

How is SWAGGER Different Than Other Sales Courses?

It’s the perfect blend of inspiration, motivation, and strategy. You’ll walk out of SWAGGER with greater confidence and belief, but also street-smart strategies you can use immediately to create more meetings and close more sales.